Our Beginning

Journey Begin..

In 2009, While having an idea as "implementing cloud solutions" we got idea to define Roundpay with "Implementing Solutions"

Stand up

Initiating Plans..

Our Next big step begin when we enter the early 2010, and we have a proper and well equiped portal into the market for "Prepaid and Postpaid e-recharge"


Our Work..

by the end 2013 we had effective recharge and utility portal into the market of same kind and maximum share of known brans into the market and time increase the team size to make it public.

Nurturing Phase

Hard work pays..

As we intered and moved a step ahead faced chalenge of initail phase to prose an idea which was easy and accessible to every common person as usual google was one to make known to the market.


New Strategies..

Now was the correct time to build and implement new strategies which we did on time. Our aim was always to build easiest possible system for users which was always loved by our customers.

More Dedication

Customer's Choice

by the end of 2015 we had 25% market share of same kind of business into the indian market and emerged as a giant and reliable name for the people and enterpreneur of same market domain and gowing vertically day by day.

Our Present

Working Even More Harder.