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Payout API

Simple, Reliable Payouts that Scale with your Business

Multi-Account Settlements

With Roundpay Payout API merchants can easily settle payments to multiple bank accounts.

Real-Time Updates

Merchant gets access to Real-time Transaction reports.

A Combination Of 3 Robust APIs

Roundpay Payout has 3 Inclusive APIs for Adding Beneficiary, Payout processing and Payout Enquiry.

Developer-Friendly APIs

Easy API Integration, gives merchants a complete payout solution for vendors, customers, and partners.

Multichannel Payment Options

Roundpay Payout API has options for Multichannel payment partners.

Multiple Payment Modes






Add Beneficiary

Enter Details

Initiate Payout

Image Image

One API For All Payouts

Total Freedom

Pay directly from your Pool/Nodal/Current Account, without blocking funds in your Payment Aggregator’s account/3rd party wallet

Inclusive APIs

3 Inclusive APIs for Adding Beneficiary, Payout processing and transaction status.

Easy Payout Scheduling

Easily call the Payout API as and when or to schedule payouts.

IP Whitelisting

Whitelisted IP for additional security during payouts.

Secure Authentication

A token-based API access system for enhanced security.

Real-time Updates

Get real-time updates of all the Transactions.

Build for Developers

Easy Integration For Developers

  • Just pass some parameters and payout will made to defined Bank Account/VPA in Realtime

  • Encryption/Decryption functions defined in source codes. Make your platform and payments secure with Encryption/Decryption

  • Best support for integration

Benefit from the power of full stack payout capabilities

Easy and convenient payouts that puts the needs of your payees first

Payouts to Bank Accounts

24*7. IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and UPI even on Bank Holidays*

Payouts to Cards

24*7 IMPS, NEFT, Visa Direct and Mastercard send

Payouts to Wallet

Paytm Wallet
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