Prepaid Card

For merchants it provides a secure, simple and affordable payment solution with advanced features

A prepaid card is altogether different from a financial balance platinum card. A financial balance charge card is connected to your financial records. A prepaid card isn't connected to a financial records. Rather, you are burning through cash you stacked onto the prepaid card ahead of time.

Much of the time, you can't spend more cash than you have officially stacked onto your prepaid card. Overspending can happen with a financial records for a few kinds of employments, and with a ledger charge card in the event that you have opted in to your banks overdraft program. This implies your bank may charge you an expense for taking care of the expense of a buy or ATM withdrawal that surpasses what you have in your record. Your bank will likewise expect you to reimburse the overdraft.

What's more, at this moment prepaid cards may have less buyer securities than check cards, for example, those that apply if the card is lost, stolen, or other unapproved charges show up.


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